I worked in the Knowledge Mobilization cluster during Landscape of Injustice’s (LOI) inaugural year in 2014-15. As there wasn’t yet much knowledge to mobilize, I spent most of my time in the BC Archives. Under the supervision of Kathryn Bridge, I classified and analyzed newspaper articles, government records, and photographs. I took my preliminary findings to the BC Museums’ Association (BCMA) annual conference in Penticton and networked with various museum professionals over the course of my employment.

Since then, I completed my Master’s at the University of Victoria and landed a job in the Legislative Assembly of BC’s Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) as their Parliamentary Education Coordinator. Working in PEO, I lead a number of educational partnerships, assist in exhibit design and development, and plan new programs (including a partnership with the Royal BC Museum and a spring break program!). I thoroughly enjoy my new work and being able to both plan and deliver programming.

The two positions may seem dissimilar, but this is not the case—during my time with Landscapes I honed skills that help me in my current job. When I worked with Landscapes of Injustice it was a new project; my current role is also brand new. As the Parliamentary Education Coordinator, I am carving out space for myself and running brand new programs. This requires organization, flexibility, and proactivity—things I learned while working in the archives for the first time and promoting a fledgling project.
I was really fortunate to be a part of the Landscapes team. I learned so much from Kathryn, Jordan, and my fellow LOI students. I wish everyone the best over the next few years—thank you for working hard to share this important, complicated history.