A number of participants in the Landscapes of Injustice project presented preliminary findings to an interested group of historians at the BC Studies conference at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in May 2015. Laura Ishiguro (UBC) was the moderator.

Nick Blomley (SFU) provided an introduction to the project as a whole. Sarah Fitterer (UVic) presented on the use of land titles in tracing the history of dispossession. Sonja Aagesen and Samantha Bets (SFU) discussed the use of Geographic Information Science in the project, providing graphic examples of the uses of the geovisualization of historic data from the Powell Street area. Finally, Martin Holmes (UVic) provided information on the technical challenges and creative solutions associated with integrating the diverse types of data drawn from the various clusters. A lively discussion ensued, with a keen interest from audience members in the project and its application to other areas of historical research.

Submitted by Nick Blomley

Martin HolmesSamantha Bets and Sonja Aagesen

Sarah Fitterer