Landscapes of Injustice Research Updates and News
Message from Project Director
Dr. Jordan Stanger-Ross

Landscapes of Injustice is hitting its stride. The research phase is now more than halfway completed. We’ve learned a great deal and shared our learnings with thousands of readers, listeners, and viewers. Scholarly publications are beginning to proliferate: soon we won’t be able to begin our reflections on this topic by remarking on how little has been written about it. Soon, we will have written a lot. Students have completed theses on the dispossession of the property of Japanese Canadians, created a forum to discuss scholarly activism, and have left the project to attend prestigious international graduate programs. Our community partners continue to remind us of how high the stakes are and how far we must reach. I think we can be very proud of what we have accomplished so far, and I’m very excited for us to share what comes next.

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