Partners and other Contributors

Partner Institutions

Co-Investigators play key roles in supporting project activity. Leading experts in fields related to this project, they actively contribute to the intellectual development and applied work of the project.

Co-investigators and Collaborators


Reuben Rose-Redwood, University of Victoria (Phase 1 Historical GIS Cluster chair)
Brian Owen, Simon Fraser University (Phase 1 Steering Committee)
Alexander Freund, Oral History Centre, University of Winnipeg
Naoko Kato, University of British Columbia
Douglas Harris, University of British Columbia
John Lutz, University of Victoria
Laura Madokoro, McGill University
Nolan Reilly, University of Winnipeg
Yukari Takai, University of Windsor
Heather Read, Royal Ontario Museum

Collaborators provide integral support to the project and are available to advise in their areas of expertise.


Richard Beardsley, Richmond School District 38
Andrea Geiger, Simon Fraser University
Erin Hayes, Selkirk Montessori School
Joyce Kipp, Surrey School District 36
Michael Kluckner, Writer, artist
Rebecca Madgin, University of Glasgow
Hugh McLean, City of Vancouver
John McLaren, University of Victoria
Susan Murakami, École Simon Cunningham
Yuukichi Niwayama, Chuo University, Japan
Greg Robinson, Université du Québec à Montréal
Patricia Roy, University of Victoria professor emeritus
Koki Takahashi, Kagawa University, Japan
Jim Walker, University of Waterloo
John Zucchi, McGill University