This cache of primary-source materials was selected from the Landscapes of Injustice research database. The materials reflect moments in the history of the forced uprooting, internment, dispossession, and exile of Japanese Canadians. They are not meant to provide a coherent or summative account of the history. Rather, this cache offers a starting point for considering, for instance,

-racism and the administrative state,

-complex and varied responses to state violence,

-notions of culpability, complicity, and accountability,

-conceptions of Canadian citizenship and law,

-relations between Japanese-Canadian dispossession and settler colonial dispossession,

-and legacies of dispossession and displacement.


The full Landscapes of Injustice database will launch in 2021.

For any questions related to these materials or Landscapes of Injustice, please contact: Dr. Jordan Stanger-Ross, Project Director ( or Kaitlin Findlay, Research Coordinator (