NAJC Chats with Michael Abe

On May 27 and 31, 2020 Michael Abe, Project Manager for Landscapes of Injustice participated in the National Association of Japanese Canadians Chat series

Landscapes of Injustice is a seven-year research project focussing on the dispossession and forced sale of property owned by Japanese Canadians during the 1940s. In its final year, the project will produce several major outputs. He provided a brief update on the project’s progress and discussed in more detail the Digital Archive database and its contents. He explained how the resource could help facilitate researchers and Japanese Canadians explore their family history with greater ease and he explored some of the materials retrieved and heard from recipients who had benefitted from these documents.

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May 27 Japanese Canadian Community member guests include Lorene Oikawa, Patti Kagawa and Laura Saimoto

May 31 Guests include Lorene, Reiko Pleau, Kate Ettinger, Stacey Inouye and David Iwaasa.