The continuation of an on-going panel series, Landscapes of Injustice hosted ‘Memories of Dispossession and Internment’ at the Vancouver Public Library on January 14, 2017. Moderated by Michael Abe and Vivian Rygnestad, the panel includes Jean Kamimura, Sam Yamamoto, and Keiko Mary Kitagawa. The event also featured contributions by Tosh Kitagawa, Nicholas Blomley, and Research Assistants Lane McGarrity (UVic, Community Records), Anna Gooding (UBC, Land Title Cluster), Rebeca Salas (SFU, Oral History and Land Title Clusters), Nicole Yakashiro (U of T, Government Records Cluster), Kaitlin Findlay (UVic, Land Title and Knowledge Mobilization Clusters), Dr. Eiji Okawa (UBC, Legal History and Government Records, and Community Records Clusters).