Director|Curator Sherri Kajiwara and research archivist Linda Reid from the Nikkei National Museum (NNM) were travelled down to North Carolina on an archival mission after they were connected with Kay Kagetsu, daughter-in-law of the lumber baron Eikichi Kagets. There they assessed the family’s extensive collection of research materials and artifacts, and returned to Burnaby with over 200 lbs of archival material.

This remarkable acquisition will help future researchers understand the story of Eikichi Kagetsu and the Deep Bay Logging Co. more closely. As Kagetsu was one of the wealthiest Japanese Canadians before the dispossession—off of whom many profited when his property was forcibly sold—this collection is of particular interest to LoI.

We were thrilled that the media picked up the story in early June. Here is a list of the coverage with links.

The coverage told the story of Eikichi Kagestu’s pre-war accomplishments, of the forced sale of his property beginning in 1942, and of the artifacts’ post-war journey and return to British Columbia. It highlighted the family’s role in acting as historians as they preserved their own proud history against the discrimination and prejudice in Canada. Project director Jordan Stanger-Ross and Sherri Kajiwara conveyed the richness that comes from the partnership between LoI and the NNM which will allow researchers to work through the collection immediately.