Landscapes of Injustice will present two panels at the Canadian Historical Association conference at the University of Calgary

Tuesday May 31, 2016

Session 71
A Neighbourhood Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of the Japanese Canadian Enclave in East End Vancouver
Vivian Rygnestad (Landscapes and Injustice Research Project)
Audrey Kobayashi (Queen’s University):Property and Exile: Between Canada and Japan
Eiji Okawa (University of British Columbia): Vancouver’s Japanese Language School: Cornerstone of a Complex Community
Sonja Aagesen (Simon Fraser University), Reuben Rose-Redwood (University of Victoria), and
Jordan Stanger-Ross (UVIC): Mapping Dispossession: The Forced Sale of Japanese-Canadian-
Owned Real Estate and the Transformation of Vancouver’s East End
Wednesday June 1, 2016

Session 111. Law, Protest, and Memory: Japanese Canadians and the State from Three Perspectives
Chair:Vivian Rygnestad (Landscapes and Injustice Research Project)
Eric Adams (University of Alberta):
Equally Applicable to Scotsmen: Immigration, Racism, and Equality for Japanese Canadians in Interwar Canada

Jordan Stanger-Ross (University of Victoria) and Nicholas Blomley (University of Bristol):
Deeply shocked and saddened to hear about the sale of the property” Conceptions of Ownership in Japanese: Ca nadian Letters of Protest, WWII

Kyla Fitzgerald (University of Victoria): Oral History and Family Memory: Remembering the Dispossession of Japanese Canadian Property during the Second World War