The National Association of Japanese Canadians; the University of Victoria’s Landscapes of Injustice and the Hastings Park Foundation is pleased to announce that this year’s research scholarship recipient is Nicole Yakashiro.

As a mixed race, fourth generation Japanese-Canadian, Nicole has a personal commitment to the history of Japanese Canadians as well as a scholarly interest in the study of cultural trauma and social injustice. Currently completing her Honours BA at the University of Toronto (majoring in Book and Media Studies, with minors in History and Music History & Culture), Nicole is driven to explore possibilities for traumatic recovery, justice, and empowerment through education, re-writing narratives, and reclaiming identity in the arts. As a research assistant for Landscapes of Injustice (Government Records), Nicole feels humbled and privileged to be working closely with her fellow Japanese Canadians, and hopes to contribute both personally and academically to this diverse and inspiring community.