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Broken Promises, the museum exhibit.
Grounded in research from Landscapes of Injustice, this exhibit explores the dispossession of Japanese Canadians during the 1940s. It illuminates the loss of home and the struggle for justice of one racially marginalized community. The story unfolds by following seven narrators. Learn about life for Japanese Canadians in Canada before war, the administration of their lives during and after war ends, and how legacies of dispossession continue to this day.

Curators: Sherri Kajiwara (Nikkei National Museum), Leah Best (Royal BC Museum), and Yasmin Amataranga Railton (Landscapes of Injustice Curatorial Postdoc fellow)


Video with reflections by the curators and descendants of the narrators.

Resources for the Broken Promises Museum exhibit:

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Writing Wrongs Digital Museum Exhibit:

Project outputs have been produced to highlight an archive of over 300 letters written in protest by Japanese Canadians to the sale of their possessions without their consent.

Click for Laura Fukumoto reading a letter written by her great-grandfather Toyemon Fukumoto

and  Brent Hirose explores the content of his great-grandfather Tokuji Hirose’s letter

Click to view these and more videos in the Writing Wrongs Digital Museum Exhibit