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Community Council Call for Nomination

Landscapes of Injustice has assembled a Community Council consisting of individuals from the Japanese Canadian community. These established or emerging leaders have a strong understanding and interest in Japanese Canadian history and are able to provide a national perspective to the Landscapes of Injustice project.

We are seeking to fill one position with a candidate from Eastern Canada to join the current Community Council.

The Council is regularly informed and updated on the progress of the project, including attendance at the annual Spring Institute at the University of Victoria. The Council’s role is a community sounding board for project leaders, partners, and students, acting as a source of advice and guidance from the wider community of Japanese Canadians to help ensure that the project is delivered in ways that are best suited to their needs and remains accountable to the community concerns. This role complements that of the Executive Committee, whose scope and governance has been laid down in agreements among the partners and with the granting agency. The Executive Committee’s role includes overseeing the budget and project activities that are designed and implemented by the Steering committee and research clusters. For all members of the project, the perspectives of leaders in the many Japanese Canadian communities across the country are vital to ensuring that this project is able to share this chapter of Japanese Canadian history with national audiences.

Our team shares the conviction that this history still matters. Every day we see members of our society continue to be unjustly marginalized, differences among us can still seem insurmountable, and future moments of national crisis will inevitably arise. Canadian society will be better equipped to address these challenges if we continue to engage the most difficult aspects of our past.

Please consider submitting a nominee or self nominate for this position. The council will meet once a year in Victoria in the spring and will communicate electronically regularly throughout the project.

Members have been chosen to maximize, as much as possible, a representation of the wider Japanese Canadian community, with leaders from education, the arts, business and other sectors as well as equitable gender, geographical and generational diversity. The selection process and final decision will be made by the existing Community Council.

Please note that there is no financial compensation for this role, but travel, accommodation and expenses to attend the Spring Institute will be covered by the project.

Submission of Nomination:

Please complete the following nomination form and submit to Community Council Chair, Vivian Rygnestad at vrygnestad@gmail.com by October 21, 2016.

or contact Michael Abe, Project Manager mkabe@uvic.ca

Nomination Form:

Name of Nominator: _____________________________________

Email: ________________________________________________

Name of Nominee (if different from Nominator):


Email: ________________________________________________

Nominee, please submit a short bio and why you want to be involved in the Community Council including your connections and contributions to the Japanese Canadian community. (Maximum 500 words)


_________________________  ________________________

Nominator                                                     Nomineee

Date:_____________________ Date:_____________________




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